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Webinar: The impact to Sabah housing developers – LAD calculated from the date of payment of booking fees?

Our partner, Chinn Harn, was invited to speak in a webinar organised by the Sabah Economic Advisory Council (SEAC) on the impact of the Federal Court decision (PJD Regency Sdn. Bhd. vs Tribunal Tuntutan Pembeli Rumah) in respect of the commencement of completion period for the purpose of LAD computation, and the application of the decision in the Sabah context, whereby collection of booking fees is allowed under the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Enactment 1978. The webinar received more than 200 participants, consisting of housing developers, real estate agents, architects, surveyors and other consultants and interested parties.

To learn more about the webinar, please click on this link – https://www.propertyhunter.com.my/news/2021/02/7904/sabah/how-the-new-lad-calculation-impacts-sabah-developers